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Banners in Charts

For some industries, we added banners in the middle of the chart to create a break between the top three companies and display the top deal of the industry chart.



A few seconds after entering the site, a popup appears that displays the top deal from the industry chart.



Mostly used for filters and menus.

Tool Tip & Social Proof

By hovering over the tooltip icon, we can reveal more information about icons and statements.


The social proof shows the wisdom of the crowd. When large numbers of people are using or buying a product, others want to follow suit.


These show a vote of confidence in the product's value. All kinds of testimonials can have the same impact. Whether it's a customer review, celebrity endorsement, or a star-based rating, this content creates positive feedback from actual users.


Flegs & Ribbons

We used ribbons to highlight the top company from the industry chart. Ribbons are bold and use color to indicate meanings that users can learn and recognize across the sites.


We used flags for messages containing confirmations, alerts, and acknowledgments that require minimal user interaction. Flagged messages can include an icon, title, news, and actions.

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