Best Streaming Providers

The Best Streaming Providers site exposes you to all movies and TV shows out there. Got some free time or want to catch up on your favorite series? Find it all here.

Pass the popcorn!

What can be better than just enjoying an interesting film using your favorite online streaming service? The user can choose a streaming service that he likes and immerse himself in the world of TV series and movies. 

Project Duration

2 month, 2020

Tools Used

Sketch, Photoshop & Illustrator.

My Role: Product Design


I was responsible for the creative visual design, and setting the overall experience while creating a safe environment for others to collaborate.

Problem Statement

Customers are unclear about where to purchase streaming packages online. They find it confusing and they’re unsure about which streaming packages to choose.

Solution Statement

I believe that by creating a new interface to purchase streaming packages it will allow the customer to quickly and easily identify where to go.

Wireframes & UX

It is difficult to say how many streaming service products exist today but the industry is constantly growing so designers have lots of work to do. I began by sketching out the user on-boarding process, the home page, and TV show/movie page.


Best Streaming Providers’s Color Palette


The Font - Lato


The Final Product

To provide the maximum amount of cleanness and simplicity, all the screens were designed with a light background. The home page screen contains fewer data and the TV shows/movies visuals are larger.


What do you want to watch right now?

On the TV show/movie page users can find information on millions of TV shows and movies. That way they can choose to watch exactly what shows and movies are  the best match for them.


How to choose the best streaming service

On Best Streaming Providers the user has comparison charts focused on different types of TV streaming providers, the charts help the user compare brands and learn about the various options, empowering them to make a decision.


Service Reviews

The user also has access to all the reviews and insights on all the streaming services. With all the information the user gets, he can find the service with the content that appeals most to him.


The Blog

The content team created decided to create a blog, and write a bunch of interesting pieces. The users gets updates about new movies/tv shows, and recommendation for all kinds of categories.



This project gave me valuable experience. 

The key part of this brief was finding a way to make the website’s interface much more clear to users. It shows that modern design should always consider the user's needs and wishes which are vital in creating a successful experience and therefore providing the highest level of desirability.