BidZep is a website that conveniently enables you to bid within your budget on any type trip you desire. Search by country or date, then view incredible deals. 

Enjoy your flight!


This case study will demonstrate how I built the air ticketing design from scratch.

The Challenge

The experience of booking a flight has not become that much smoother yet. A lot of online consumers still face inconveniences in finding and booking flights. In most cases, the overall booking process has some pain points. I tried to find and minimize that in our product.

Wireframes & UX

By taking pen and paper, I was able to allow the first drafts of my flight finding site to take shape. In this step I started fleshing out content and navigational elements as well. These low fidelity wireframes gave me a starting point before going digital.

BidZep Color Palette

The Font - Roboto

The Final Product

Icons are an important part of the project. It gives the website a premium and professional vibe. Icons communicate with users and help them understand the words easily. So, I created a custom icon pack specifically for this project.

Homepage Design

The homepage needed to be clean and should have more focus on the search function. The two main sections are that are featured on the homepage are the search and destinations.

Flight Listing Page Design

Flight listings are one of the crucial parts of the booking flow. The user chooses and compares from dozens of flights. I made it as clean as possible. Each flight card can be opened as a pop-up where the user sees all the information he needs in a simple format.


The user can search flights by date and budget quickly and easily.

By first choosing the date, the user can see all the flights that match his/her search criteria (budget & destination).

Map View

Another option for flight search, is by finding the destination on the map.

Every destination the user chooses will show the best prices to bid on in accordance with the budget he has. 

Bids Page

After bidding on a few flights, the user needs to manage them. 

On the ‘My Bids’ page the user can find all his current bids and their status. He can place new bids, and archive the old ones.


I learned a lot about the user experience. There are several steps the user needs to go through to find a flight with the current solutions. Current solutions have long and confusing processes which don’t help the user experience.

The best results and prices are the most important aspect of their decision making while trying to bid on a ticket. Being transparent is a key element for the target audience.

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