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Stox is an online brokerage website where people can trade on equity markets. Traders on the platform can ‘Piggyback’ successful traders’ portfolio and future trades.

Stox is a social trading website and app where you can invest in stocks with trust and confidence by following and subscribing to investors and friends. It is a platform where beginners can earn profit by mimicking the portfolio of other investors who are earning high-profit margins.


2013 - 2014

My Role

Lead Product Designer User research, wireframing, prototyping, and final product design

Tool Used



The Challenge

Minimize the risk of loss in stock investment and get stock trading tips from the country’s best traders.

Solution Statement

To create a place where beginners can gain easy access and learn about the world of stock trading.


Key Questions

In this project, I started by asking ourselves some initial key questions.


Creating Personas

I came up with personas based on the findings of the literature study. These personas will be helpful to guide our design process better and enable everyone on the team to empathize with our users.


Site Map

I constructed a site map to help us understand how users can interact with the product and allow me to see navigation through user goals.


User Journey

To better understand the users' behavior, I created Danial’s Journey Map from getting the app to buying a stock.


Sketches & Wireframes

I tried to figure out what the structure would be best so that it will be easy to use for those who are new to stock trading, I decided to use a card-based design to help the users understand the information easier. 

I designed both low fidelity and high fidelity designs based on the project needs. I prefer high fidelity wireframe for content-rich apps.

UI Design

It was a challenge for me to design a stock trading website because I have never personally invested in stocks. So, on the one hand, I can understand and relate to the users who are new to stock trading. However, to understand the users who are traders at heart I had to research the world of stock trading. 


The most important part of Stox is the ability to view the positions of other investors. A user can follow and subscribe to other investors and can view their activities.

The Font 

Helvetica Neue


Icons are an important part of the project. It gives the website a premium and professional vibe. Icons communicate with users and help them understand the words easily. So, I created a custom icon pack specifically for this project.

User Profile & Portfolio

Every user can create their profile and see the data in their portfolio in a clear and easy-to-understand UX. He can meet other traders and piggyback to create a profitable portfolio.

The Final Product

I have designed a website and an app for iOS and Android. On the one hand, it reflects its premium nature yet exemplifies simplicity. It is extremely inviting for everyday users looking to invest in stocks. We have used a lot of white space to ensure the content stands out distinctly. The designs are responsive and offer various exciting interactions.


Every time a user visits the site, he gets immediate notifications about everything that happened while he was gone and guidance for his next possible steps.

Stock Page

The user can learn more about the stocks he is interested in and get all the information he needs to make a good investment and improve his portfolio.

Other Traders

The user can find other traders, follow them, and learn & copy from their portfolios.

Mobile Apps

Using the Stox iOS and Android apps, the user can check on his portfolio at any time, from any place, and stay informed about all changes in the stock market the second they happen. The user can make changes in real-time and invest on the go. 

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