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Hi 👋, my name is Tali, and I’m a product designer from Tel-Aviv.

I love the world of design, and I passionately enhanced user experiences by designing innovative products, apps, and websites in a productive team setting.

With over nine years in the design industry, my experience with experience in wireframing, UI patterns, user flows, and turning broad problems into simple, user-friendly solutions would make me an excellent candidate for any position.

What Sets Me Apart

I care about the full design process

I see the design process as very interesting and necessary.

Currently, I'm not designing for returning users, but I would love to find a product I can work on where I can do more in-depth user research.

I know how to manage end-to-end projects

After being a solo designer for the last few years, I can firmly say that I can take on a big project. But for the same reason, I think it's time to work with other designers and learn new things from them.

I’m always eager to learn more

I try to take as many classes & certificate programs as I can. It's important to me to learn as much as I can about the new design trends, design software, and other exciting professions.

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