Hi, my name is Tali 

& I’m a senior product designer.

After graduating from Holon Institute of Technology, I've been passionately enhancing user experiences by designing innovative products, apps, and websites in a productive team setting.


Brisk is a location-based mobile shopping app, with very fast delivery and payment at your doorstep. Brisk also gives you an opportunity to open your own store.

Let’s go shopping!


Stox.com is an online brokerage website, where people can trade on equity markets. Traders on the platform can ‘Piggyback’ successful traders’ portfolio and future trades.

Let’s make some money!


Meals & More is a foodie website dedicated to the meal delivery industry in the USA. Every user can find a great variety of websites, recipes, and articles about his preferred diet.

Bon appetit!


The Seasons.watch site exposes you to all movies and TV shows out there. Got some free time or want to catch up on your favorite series? Find it all here.

Pass the popcorn!


NerdUp is a website dedicated to the online education courses industry. Every user can find a great variety of online schools and courses on any subject they desire. 

Education Rocks!


BidZep is a website that conveniently enables you to bid within your budget on any type trip you desire. Search by country or date, then view incredible deals. 

Enjoy your flight!

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