NerdUp is a website dedicated to the online education courses industry. Every user can find a great variety of online schools and courses on any subject they desire.

Education Rocks!

Whether they are building their skills for work or pleasure, the Online Learning Circle is the destination for students who want to benefit from high-quality, affordable courses.


Project Duration

Tools Used

1 month, 2018

Sketch, Photoshop & Illustrator.

My Role: Product Design

I was responsible for the creative visual design, and setting the overall experience while creating a safe environment for others to collaborate.

The Challenge

To better serve its global customer base, we decided that a new website offering the best online courses from the top e-learning websites is needed. 

One of the primary goals was to create a modern, professional web presence.

Problem Statement

The primary goals were to provide a modern, professional web presence for the Online Learning Circle, an easily managed website, which allows students to find courses and browse course materials to improve the customer experience.

Wireframes & UX

We prepared low fidelity wireframes to capture all the elements of the task flow and sitemap. Once drawn out, we then looked for inspiration to get ideas for the visual design of the app.


NerdUp’s Color Palette

It was important that we selected the right colors to enhance the learning process. Since it is a learning app we decided to keep it minimalistic, allowing the students to see a lot of white space and have an uncluttered experience.


The Font - Lato

The font chosen was Lato, a sans serif font which allows for high legibility even at smaller sizes.


Home Page

A quick glance at the home page above the fold can tell us about the overall experience. Navigating through the various categories is made accessible by having all the general categories visible on the home page.


Course Page

After finding the course you want, the next thing to do is to check whether the course is worth taking or not. Here are some of the recurring information for users to see when they’re browsing for courses: Course Title, Description, Price, Instructors, and a photo or video.


The Quiz

To help the students find the right course we created a quiz that will help them choose the type of course they need (Tutoring / Online / Live Online / In Person).



I learned the importance of understanding user motivations and correctly identifying and defining the problems faced by them.

I also learned how feedback from the group members and users during the design process is vital in order to see if the design works and to solve the users' pain points and help them reach their goals.