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The Sunbit Dashboard

Lead Product Designer

The Sunbit dashboard serves as a centralized hub for merchants utilizing Sunbit. It's a comprehensive platform where merchants can access and review all transactional data related to their use of Sunbit services. This one-stop solution offers a complete overview of their transactions, enabling them to track, analyze, and manage their Sunbit-related data efficiently.


Cappsool & Natural Intelligence websites

Lead Product Designer

The websites give each user a unique comparison experience determined by things like their geolocation and search query. The first thing the user sees is a chart of the top brands in the industry they searched for. The sites also contain brand reviews, informative how-to guides, and articles. 



Lead Product Designer

Munch is a social app that enhances the dining experience. Users can create profiles, follow friends and restaurants, upload photos, and order from the app.


Brisk App

Lead Product Designer

Brisk is a location-based mobile shopping app with fast delivery and payment at your doorstep. Brisk also allows you to open your store. It’s the 21st century.

There’s an app or website for everything; many of our problems and needs can be solved by searching for the solution online.



Lead Product Designer

Stox is a social trading website and app where you can invest in stocks with trust and confidence by following and subscribing to investors and friends. It is a platform where beginners can profit by mimicking the portfolio of other investors, earning high-profit margins.

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